Collection of Luxury Venetian Mirrors

Welcome to Antique RootsLuxury Product Range of Venetian Mirrors

Luxuriously handcrafted, detailed stately our Venetian mirrors collection will give a room an undeniably regal air of quality and poise.

We at Antique Roots have immense love for the traditional age old art of Venetian mirror making and it is our attempt to take further this love and admiration for Venetian mirror making to the people who have an eye for Luxury Art !

Each piece is hand Crafted with great love and attention.

All our Venetian mirrors are grandly proportioned exquisitely detailed to truly uncompromising standards for an effect that is impressive.

Discover here the Best of Venetian Mirrors, all Handcrafted in India. Whether you need modern or vintage style of mirrors, get in touch with us to satisfy your specific requirements!

What’s your style quotient ?

The process of choosing style, shape, size, and frame finishes of the mirrors should be taking seriously. While choosing mirrors you always should keep in mind how a specific mirror will affect an overall filling of your space and what kind of the visual affect is desired. For example, a long oval vertical mirrors (like on Italian style cheval mirror or Adam style mirror) visually extending height of the room, while similar horizontal mirrors will make the space appear wider.

Wall mirrors are one of the few decorative items with no obvious esthetic value, but if mirrors have a hand crafted frame, they instantaneously becoming a masterpiece. Framed mirrors are just like paintings, composition of which depends on the reality in a front of them.

Decorative mirrors are more purely about style and less about function than almost any other object in a room.

Come lets find what’s your style …!